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How To Design Wedding Bouquets and Corsages

Weddings are costly functions which can amount to many thousand dollars, particularly when you are going outside the country to invite your guests or sometime when you stay in the location where catering and place can be costly. To save large amount of money and to have complete control of the wedding decorations, the best idea is to make a personalizes bridal bouquets and corsages. For the bouquet you want flowers that have long stems, because it will offer the handle for the bouquet. There are large numbers of flowers you can see, but the most common flowers which are used are irises, roses, carnations, freesias, alstromeria and orchids, If you like you can avail decorative accents like ivy, box, eucalyptus gum, leather fern and other kinds of decorative stems and leaves. After the flowers are selected, you will want to cut those flowers on the stem and it is also good to cut in the diagonal shape. After this process, you should place them on the pot of water and let the flowers to drink.

You can also place a string tie it on the bottom to avoid the moist loss. When organizing the flowers you must begin with the focal point that will be important flower in the bouquet.You can place the flower on the container or vase that will hold the steps in the best manner. The container or vase must have a wide moth and must possess garden foam to place the stems in the right location. Include the next circle of the flowers which must line the perimeter of the point. It must be slightly little in height than the point, to maintain the floral central place in the bouquet. You should include in the ferns and decorative leaves and finally you should line up the flowers. Every successive flower row around the point must be lower than the previous layer of flowers. Then you should tie the stems collectively by using the rubber bands and take a ribbon piece and avail it to wrap the stems neatly. You should ensure that the stem is seen on the handle.

To seal the bouquet, you can avail a pin which is guided properly in to the stems. When creating the corsage, you will want to look the kind of clothing that the visitor will use. It is also best; the flower which will be availed for the corsage must be similar like the primary flowers availed in the marriage ceremony. The beautiful flowers to be availed for marriage functions are those that are available in different colors, hence which you can suit the corsage with the guest clothing color and the kind of flower availed in the marriage event. It is also good to avail two to right number of flowers organized in to the charming design. The amount of flowers will base mainly on the size of the flowers. Tie up the decorative design with silk or ribbon, with sufficient additional length for the visitor to tie the corsage. Getting e the marriage function of the dreams is mainly based on your budget and you can do it easily when you understand how to make the bridal bouquet and corsages.