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Making Flower And Basket Arrangements

Good flower and basket arrangements form a good decoration culture in various occasions and households. Different flowers are used ranging from wild flowers to tropical ones and even rain forest flowers. Containers used in holding these flowers can be anything. It can be a mason jar or even marble vases.

However, achieving the best flower and basket arrangements require you to know how to go about it. This is because there are steps that need to be followed to achieve the best nice-looking arrangements at the end.

These steps are as follows:

Foam preparation

Get a basket and line its inside with pond liner or any plastic. The plastic should ensure water does not leak out. Cut your plastic so that it fit in the basket well. You can attach it to the basket using hot glue or waterproof tape.

Crop the floral foam piece with a florist knife or serrated knife. Make sure that it fit the basket snugly with about one or two inches above the basket rim.

Make a mixture of water and preservatives. Stir the water properly to ensure water and preservatives mix properly.

Place foam in this water ensuring that it floats until when it is saturated. Make sure that even when saturated, there is water to keep it floating.

Secure your foam to the pond liner or plastic inside the basket using a waterproof tape.

Preparing flowers

Hydrate flowers by clipping their stems at the bottom. You should do this by cutting the stem using scissors under cold running water. After determining the position of the flowers, pull the leaves that could be inside your foam.

Cut any stem wire or floral piece that may be equal to the stem of the flower.

Stick a wire's end at the bloom's base and run this wire at the bottom of the stem.

Make sure that the wire is secure by wrapping a tape just beneath the bloom at the stem's bottom.

Making the flower and basket arrangements

Start by deciding the floral arrangement that you want to have. Maybe you want a triangular, horizontal, freestanding or oval arrangement.

Place bigger blooms at the basket's center then use small blooms to radiate out.

Turn your basket while placing flowers to get good results. If you want a good look from different sides, then an oval arrangement is good for you. This means that oval flower and basket arrangements make better centerpieces.

Use small flowers to fill in gaps. You can use foliage or baby's breath to give your floral arrangement a complete and fuller look.

You can also add a ribbon at the baskets' handle. You can also have them around the basket rims. This adds more beauty to your flower and basket arrangements. However, make sure that the color of the ribbons that you use matches that of one flower in the arrangement.

Although different florists may use different steps in making their flower and basket arrangements, these steps are common.You can try them and have the best flower arrangement for your occasion.