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Welcome to Fah Lean Floral
Malaysia's Leading Artificial Flowers Supplier

Fah Lean Floral Trading Sdn Bhd was set up in year 2004. We are an importer and wholesaler in Malaysia dealing mainnly in Artificial Flowers and Malay Wedding Gift products. Besides being a core wholesale business, we have also diversified our business into retailing activities, indoor floral design and outdoor landscaping. Our corporate mission is to provide a variety of quality products and good services to multi-level customers.

Fah Lean Floral Trading Sdn Bhd offers a wide variety of packages and services in wedding arrangements. Fah Lean has always been the first choice for bride and grooms ever since our establishment. We have been dealing in import, wholesale and retail acticities in the industry to establish our brand name.

Operating as a one stop wedding centre, Fah Lean participates in a complete range of services. These cover flower arrangements, hand crafted accessories, laces, ribbons, flower arrangement tools and more. Fah Lean also deals with a variety of Malay Wedding gifts and services. Just to name a few, for the wedding is this store sells a diverse collection of boiled eggs, all the goods in preparation for marriage, decorative Thrones, delivery composition book, flower book, as well as souvenirs.

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